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Christ For The World Mission Inc.

Beloved Of God,

It is a privilege and an honour to welcome you to the website of Christ for The World Mission Inc.

I want you to understand that you did not just stumble upon this webpage, God by Divine Appointment and Supernatural Scheduling has brought you to this appointed moment. This is even more powerful when you realize that in the Hebrew Language which I consider to be God’s earthly language there is no word for the Phenomena we call “CO-INCIDENCE”. This is not a mistake, it is not a co-incidence, even before God formed or framed the Universe, even before he spoke the cosmos into existence, before the Internet was released into the minds of men. God has designated that this day you will make this contact that will impact you to impart your generation.

This is an appointment with destiny and I am so glad that you could make it. My prayer for you is that you will use the resources that this website provides and your life will fall into alignment with God’s divine designs for you. I am so expectant to see your manifestation and so is your generation. I will see you on the other side of your testimony.

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